Denver Urban Semester

Denver Urban Semester is a cross-cultural experience in the heart of the city allowing students an opportunity to move into a mature understanding of God's unique vocational direction for their lives.


Denver Urban Semester is a Christian ministry that focuses on connecting college students from non-urban environments to a cross-cultural training experience that provides holistic training, spiritual formation, and internships with the under-served urban population. At the same time, DUS interns living in the heart of downtown Denver engage with new urban churches and cross-cultural opportunities.

The DUS program invites students to pursue God's calling for their lives and develops learners who will lead and discover where their passions meet God's plan in their vocations. We intentionally desire to help college students serve God as they prepare for their career out of college in a manner that offers life to others and themselves as well as bring glory to God through their relationship with Jesus while they encounter the poor. Our hope is that each DUS intern will learn to have the eyes of Jesus and the heart of God for every person, including themselves, because we believe that through this grace Jesus will be glorified!



Denver Urban Semester is a cross-culture experience in the heart of the city allowing students an opportunity to move into a mature understanding of Gods unique vocational direction for their lives.


  1. Learning from our engagement with the underserved and disenfranchised
  2. Christian spiritual formation that focuses on finding space for God and knowing oneself
  3. Cultural competence with an emphasis of working and living cross-culturally following the teaching of Jesus and offering servant leadership
  4. Offering accredited academic courses that are applicable to the work of our students
  5. Holistic world view that holds dignity within the context of the manner Jesus lived out


"During my time in Denver, Joshua Station was my home. It was here that I was welcomed into an amazing community of families. Through conversations that I had and people that I met, I was reminded of my own brokenness. Yet, as I embraced my own limitations, I was reminded of the inexpressible grace and freedom that Christ has lavished upon me. I was reminded at Joshua Station that when we bear all in community, we are supported. When we are real, people are encouraged. When we are honest with others and ourselves, we are truly set free. It is at this point that we are most ready to do the redeeming work of God." — Abby Deinert, University of Sioux Falls


"I walked into the summer trying to hide the broken pieces of my life. I was exhausted, sick of being criticized, and tired of spiritual to-do lists. Greg taught a class called "Leading from Within". He enabled us to take care of our souls, so we could serve and not get burned out. I learned how to become a human-being again instead of a busy, impatient human-doer. I interned at Treasure House, a transitional housing facility for single moms. I rubbed shoulders with women who were heroine addicts, drug dealers, prostitutes, homeless, mentally ill, and suffering from nasty relationships. As I heard the stories of these broken women, my heart cried out for them. Yet as they heard my story, they hurt for me also. As I was serving, I was being served." — Hannah Watters, Northwestern College in Iowa


"Working with the refugees at the African Community Center was awesome and very challenging, which became very rewarding. I hope to be as courageous, broken and joyful as the refuges I served. I am just a different kind of refugee..." — Erin Michalowski, Hope College

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