Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

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By Whitney Senden

I have been so thankful for the DUS program encouraging us to check out different churches during the short amount of time that we are in Denver. As we converse about what churches we would like to experience while we are here, we have discovered that all of us have different expectations and ideas for how we are use to worshiping. Some of us grew up in more traditional churches and saw the modern churches as being to surface level and some of us grew up in more modern churches and expected traditional services to be boring and long. However, what we found is that God is ever so present in all the churches that we have attended, no matter the denomination. My knowledge of who God is has expanded greatly since being in Denver because of the different views of my friends. Those who grew up in traditional style churches have shown me that traditional services allow them to see the beauty of God in ways that modern services cannot offer. Recently I attended a church called Denver Community Church, an evangelical church located in a beautiful traditional style building (featured in the picture). My preconceived thoughts were very judgmental and I expected the service to be uninteresting. However, it ended up being a very life changing experience. The church style wasn’t the only thing that taught me to not judge a book by its cover, but also the sermon that was given on that particular day. The guest speaker gave his testimony and tied it in with the topic of shame. This man had many reasons to place shame upon himself, from growing up feeling an attraction to other males to getting diagnosed with HIV/AIDS at a very young age. God showed continuous faithfulness to him as he chose to seek Christ in the midst of temptation and now he and his wife have an organization called HIV Care Link that serves the HIV/AIDS populations in the Denver area. His testimony touched me greatly by the ways he discussed loving others and how God offers us confidence when temptations attempt to bring us shame.


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