Learning About Marginalized Populations

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By Whitney Senden

A large portion of our summer is receiving education on the poverty and homelessness that is affecting hundreds of people in the Denver area. There are a number of ways to experience this throughout the Denver area, however there is one organization that astonished me by how they reach the homeless populations. Dry Bones is a ministry that was brought to our attention during this last week and we were privileged to learn more about how they are impacting the lives of so many people. Their ministry focuses on serving the homeless youth community that lives in downtown Denver. Their mission is to reach out and build relationships, rescue the marginalized, and reconcile the brokenness of the past and present. This ministry is a light to so many people that have a passion to serve the homeless, for they emphasize the necessity of relationships. One of the many ways that this ministry advocates for this community is by raising awareness through their street tours. On this tour, we were shown the primary hangouts for the homeless youth and how they are treated in different areas of town. I was shocked to hear that there are still streets in the downtown area that prohibit the homeless from even sitting. My eyes were opened to the great need for these homeless youth to be guided by individuals who genuinely care about their future. Throughout our time with Dry Bones, their was one thing that stuck out to me more than anything else; not once did I hear the tour guide describe those he served as homeless youth, he always referred to them as his friends. To me, this emphasized the deep need for relationships and how it is only through loving others that we will be able to see lives transform. We are not here to change the hearts of people, we are here to love people and watch God move how he desires to. Having this knowledge, I have been able to go into my internship with a much more positive perspective.

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