Meet in the Street

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By Christian Schwab

Meet in the Street is a five-week program located in downtown Denver that is designed to get more people to the Mall and encourage them to stay for longer periods of time.  This unique mall experience is home to free family-friendly activities such as: fitness classes, arts and cultural programming, live music, lawn games, and much more.  Denver has hosted this event the last three years now running from the last weekend in June to the fourth weekend in July.  Whitney and I had the privilege of checking it this weekend.  Both times we went down there, we were amazed by the friendliness of Denver.  The first time we were playing Spikeball, when a young couple asked to join us.  We played with them for a while and then had a really good talk with them afterwards about our lives and where we see ourselves in the future.  It was definitely a blessing to both of us especially not being Denver locals, but yet still feeling like we fit in.  Then, the next day, we were downtown playing Mall Pong, which consists of big red trash bins for cups and soccer balls for ping pong balls, when a young man noticed that I was riding solo and asked if he join my team.  After these friendly occurrences, I am convinced that “Meet in the Street” is more than simply a marketing campaign.  It is more an opportunity to engage with the people of Denver through some friendly competition.  After this weekend, I am once again reassured of why I love this city so much.


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