Seeking Justice

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By Christian Schwab

What does it look like to effectively seek justice in a broken and hurting world?  Is it best to intervene and place yourself and others at risk or call for assistance while watching the injustice unfold before your eyes?  Where do you draw the line?  These are questions that I have continually been reflecting on after an incident that I encountered earlier this week.  Being that I am a Midwest boy through and through, I have not encountered the severity of the injustices that I have in the few weeks that I have lived in Denver.  It is a whole new world.  The difficulty is not allowing your past experiences to affect your present response.  The environment that I was raised in is a 180° difference from the environment I am currently living in.  Therefore, a given injustice requires a different course of action because of the difference in culture.  Normally, it would be most natural for me to want to intervene, either verbally or physically, when I come upon an injustice of a man being overpowered by a group of men, for I cannot stand watching the injustice unfold without taking action.  However, I have learned that there is a time and a place for that.  It is all about discernment and understanding your surroundings.  Even though it may be natural for me to want to intervene, it may not be the best for me and those around me.  What may seem “right”, might actually bring more harm than good to those I am trying to protect.       


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