The Coming by Cheyenne Zephier

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This picture is the first picture I took when I crossed into CO, and if you look real closely you can see the outline of my eyes. When I first saw that I realized just how symbolic this picture really is. Not only am I experiencing a new city for the first time, larger than I’ve ever been, but I made the 10 hour trip in awe of everything new that was before me, by myself. I made this trip with a clear intention: to learn more about the people in this world. I have always said my goal in life is to hear all 7.5 billion people’s stories, now I know that is unrealistic, but it sure won’t stop me from trying. So far, in just two weeks I have taken the time to learn a piece of various new stories from the folks around me. It really is as easy as saying hello from time to time and I am beyond honored to have an internship that will help me work towards my life goal, with Save Our Youth. Needlessly to say, I am excited to be in this new, exciting, and scary city for the summer, but ultimately much like my near hidden eyes, I am only observing what has always been there. As a result, What I see here, what I learn, will be with me forever. Here’s to a new adventure.




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